10MTL Podcast - Orange, Mance, and Jericho

May 5, 2020 @ 12:22 am

On the debut episode of the 10MTL, we take at look at an All Elite Wrestling star on the rise in Orange Cassidy, independent wrestler and current AAW Heavyweight champion Mance Warner, and legend of the ring and All Elite Wrestling star “Le Champion” Chris Jericho!

Orange Cassidy, also known as Fire Ant from Chikara Pro Wrestling, is a member of The Best Friends stable in All Elite Wrestling and has been a polarizing figure to wrestling fans since his debut in AEW. You either love or hate this gimmick and there’s no in between!

Mance Warner is an independent wrestler signed to MLW that is all about light beers and lariats. The King of Big Dog style is the current AAW Heavyweight champion and a former CZW World heavyweight champion. In a Mance Warner match you can expect a fight, not a match, EVERY time!

Chris “Le Champion” Jericho is one of the best professional wrestlers of all time and is currently signed to AEW. Jericho has had success with the crowd everywhere he’s been in his career. From his days in Smokey Mountain Wrestling to his current run with All Elite Wrestling, Jericho has changed his gimmick continually staying fresh but always harkening back to his catch phrases from yester year to pop the crowd. Any questions or comments about the show are welcome!

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