10MTL Podcast - NWA Powerrr and Broken Matt Hardy

May 10, 2020 @ 12:38 am

This week on the 10 Minute Time Limit we explore two very different brands and areas of wrestling. First, we discuss the throw back to a by gone era of wrestling in the NWA. We then take a look in a 2 out of 3 falls contest over the existence of “Broken” Matt Hardy in TNA. NWA Power is at its core a tribute to the studio wrestling shows of yester year. It has improvisation by the talents, unscripted promos and short but very entertaining matches. It’s filmed at GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia which is also known as the NWA Arena. The NWA was brought back to the wrestling world’s forefront by owner William Patrick Corgan. You may know him as the front man from the rock band Smashing Pumpkins. He took ownership of its name all rights, trademarks and championship belts as of October 1 2017. The first TV/YouTube tapings did not take place until September 2019. We give a quick overview of season 1 looking at our top 5 favourites and what we weren’t so fond of heading into the first Into the Fire PPV. We talk about The Question Mark, Aron Stevens, Eli Drake, Tim Storm, Eddie Kingston, Trevor Murdoch, The Rock N Roll Express and so many more!

In the next 2 falls, we go over the history of the “Broken” Matt Hardy character as he made his in ring debut this week on AEW Dynamite. Andy Jardine had not been aware of this history and Jamie Small just felt the need to fil him in! We go back to the beginning of the character with Jeff Hardy in TNA.

We take you through the “Final Deletion”, “Delete or Decay” and “Tag Team Apocalypto” matches that were cinematic masterpieces in their own right. All three matches took place in the Hardy compound found in Cameron, North Carolina. We discuss recurring character’s Senor Benjamen, Vanguard 1 and the army of flying robots, how to shoot fireworks at someone and Scarsguard the dilapidated boat, The lake of reincarnation, Matt Hardy’s scribe, King Maxell and the catch phrase “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!”

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